Welcome to PRESENT-MOMENT LEARNING, a forum for ideas and strategies to enhance the learning experience of child and educator both, beginning with a special emphasis on mindfulness.

“Evidence-based practice” is a mantra in many disciplines these days, but for a variety of reasons, practice often lags behind the evidence. I’m interested in how the results of carefully designed research programs translate into actual, onsite, day-to-day implementation.

This project is the blossoming of my love for a particular K–5 school community in rural Maine, where I was privileged to spend the 2013–14 academic year, interning with the school social worker there.

Required by my MSW program to design a legacy project, I thought about the issue of “attention” in the classroom, and how often it seems to surface as a problem. Mindfulness, with an ever-growing body of research behind it, seemed a good solution to propose, making use of an online forum for discussion.

With any luck, the conversation will expand and draw in a range of experiences from many backgrounds and locales. Visitors here can contribute to a fund of “practice-based evidence.”

A special note on the language we use: Let us together remember that the children in our care are sensitive, not just to how they are treated, but also to how they’re discussed, and those memories are carried into adulthood. I hope this site will feel like a safe and welcoming place for anyone who visits, and I invite persons who find it otherwise to make their feelings known.

Thank you for reading, and let us hear from you.





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